Monday, October 27, 2008


What if the world were only black and white? That was the question presented by Fiberartsconnsocal aka Fiber Arts Connection of Southern California to the art quilt world. The result of pondering that question and trying to work in only black and white is here: my quilt entitled 'Shattered'. The name came to me as I was shuffling 8.8" x 11" sections of the design, trying to decide whether to put it back together the way it was on the computer or shuffle the pieces around, and whether to connect them with wire, beads, wool, buttons or chain link. The old Rolling Stones song "Shattered" ran through my head, and it seemed an apt title.

I started with an oil painting, a self portrait that I did of myself a few years ago, scanned it into the computer, and played around with it in QuarkXPress, adding other designs of mine and drawing over an eye and mouth with the program. Next I converted the color piece to b/w in photoshop. I then blew up the piece by about 400% in Quark and printed (from the computer) each section on some cotton that I had ironed to freezer paper.

It will be part of fiberartconnsocal's black and white show, and be on tour for the next two years.

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