Monday, October 6, 2008

Eight Out of Nine Isn't So Bad

Now that I have finally gotten my copy of Mixed Media Self Portraits, by Cate Prato, I see that they used 8 out of my 9 in the self portrait series. Soooo...I am posting my Frida tribute portrait here. I prefer to think that they didn't use this 9th portrait because somebody else did a Frida tribute, rather than thinking it wasn't so good. Well, I love it. That is my face, circa 1977, overpainted with watercolor, colored pencils and markers. I have always loved sock monkeys, so a little printed fabric monkey slipped into the piece, and I added my own drawings and stamps of flowers.


Threadhead said...

That is really fabulous Linda!
You deserve it!

needlewings said...

love it! too funny with the sock monkey too!
Oh Wanda!

ann said...

NICE! I'm a big admirer of Frida. She overcame a lot just to live.