Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Painting Without Paint

A few weeks ago I took a course in Photoshop. Of course, I only learned about 1/10 of what I wanted, and needed, to learn. I puttered around tonight with my usual subject matter—me. Well, maybe I take after Frida; she painted herself because she was the only subject she had readily available. I guess I don't mind if I make myself weird or ugly, but other people seem to get offended if they come out odd-looking.

So, here is my non-painted self-portrait painting. Time permitting, I will print it on fabric and stitch it up and see how it looks with with some real paint splashed on top.

OMG: This is so strange, it is not what I have on my desktop. Mine has a yellow background; this is blue. The blue is yellow, the red is blue, there is no brown, no olive, purple turned to red, orange turned to purple. What is going on in cyber space?


sonja said...

love the colors! why colors reversed is a mystery, a beautiful one!
in a way everything we do is self-portarait ......what else could it be?

Edzellinni said...

Well, it is almost a happy accident...I do like turquoise a lot, but it was so different that I was dumbfounded. Thankfully I found the problem and reposted it. And yes, very Zen observtion that everything we do is a self-portrait...since we put ourselves and our emotions into all that we do.