Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scenic Hudson and Beyond

I went to upstate New York (for a family reunion) on Amtrak this weekend, a trip I have taken many, many times over the past 40 years. On the way up, I happened to sit next to a well-known photographer, who was snapping away with her top-of-the-line camera through the train window, getting some very cool shots.

On the way home I scrambled for the right side of the train, and snagged a window seat. Inspired by the photojournalist, I too snapped my way from Syracuse to New York, sticking the camera up against the glass as we whizzed and chugged along, looking at the old, familiar countryside through the eye of a digital camera.

It was interesting to see the landscape change, from the decaying upstate cities (similar to the midwest rust belt) and fields of cows wandering in wildflowers, to the swanky homes and yacht clubs on the banks of the Hudson, just outside New York.


FlutterbugArtGirl said...

Inspiration is all around us if we are open to it as you were, Edz. How cool to follow it with your own take on the way back. Thank you for sharing your photos and your inspiration... another good idea to have a little camera handy so as not to miss those moments... now you've got me thinking.

sonja said...

what a wonderful way to travel and enjoy your country! i recall train rides from Connecticut to Florida as a child with my mom and little pissant brother. we were going to visit uncle bill and aunt Kitty in Miami. i'll bet you had a neat " mini vac "on the train, complete with journalist ! thanks for shaing your NY travels!